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When it comes to installing a new air conditioner in your home, you want to make sure you’re not only getting a high-quality system, but also high-quality service. As the leading Trane Comfort Specialist for Bellville, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Honeycutt Air is the premier name for air conditioning systems to fit every customer’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a single-stage or a variable-speed system, the technicians at Honeycutt Air are ready to provide you with a system that will keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Our Trane Air Conditioner Systems:

  • XV20i Variable-Speed System: This system is industry-leading in efficiency, with ratings up to 21 SEER. The XV20i Variable-Speed System also utilizes Trane’s TrueComfort™ technology, allowing your air conditioner to automatically adjust itself for consistent comfort.
  • XV18 Variable-Speed System: Also known for its efficiency, the XV18 Variable-Speed System offers up to 18 SEER/13 EER. Available in 3, 4-, and 5-ton models, this system features a woven Spine Fin™ coil, ComfortLink™ capability, and more to keep you consistently comfortable.
  • XL18i Two-Stage System: This two-stage central unit offers up to 18 SEER ratings. Protected from the elements by a Weathergaurd Top™, this system also features a swept fan blade and an all-aluminum Spine Fin™ coil.
  • XR17 Two-Stage System: A durable and efficient model, the XR17 Two-Stage System rates up to 18 SEER. Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton models, the all-aluminum Spine Fine ™ and two-stage Climatuff® compressor ensure your home’s comfort.
  • XL16i Single-Stage System: The XL16i Single-Stage System offers ratings up to 17 SEER. This system features benefits such as a swept fan blade, a Climatuff® compressor, and an all-aluminum Spine Fin™ to combine both efficiency and durability. Additionally, a Weathergaurd Top™ keeps this system protected from harsh outdoor elements.
  • XR16: This single-stage unit offers up to 17 SEER, and features a low-profile footprint. Perfect for small spaces, this system features a plate fin and a Climatuff® compressor to ensure maximum comfort.
  • XR14 Single-Stage System: The XR14 air conditioner offers ratings up to 14.50 SEER. Designed with both durability and efficiency in mind, this unit also features an all-aluminum spine and a Climatuff® compressor.

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